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Officially founded in 2002, the Victoria Doukhobor Choir's evolution from a handful of casual attendees to a robust group of dedicated members is nothing short of inspiring.

In 2001, a group of four Doukhobors living in Victoria came together to present a small program of traditional songs at the annual USCC Union of Youth Festival in Castlegar, B.C. This modest quartet, listed in the Festival programme as "Group from Victoria", paved the way for what has quickly become a thriving and dynamic Vancouver Island Doukhobor community.

In the Fall of 2001, the fortuitous arrival of several new Doukhobors to Victoria, including Johnny Popoff, the official founder of the choir, made possible the formal creation of a choral group that featured the talent and exuberance of many formally-trained young Doukhobor musicians. Since that time, the choir has been privileged to perform at many concerts, fundraisers and events throughout the Pacific Northwest, garnering attention both for its unique sound and its timely message of peace.

In 2006, the Victoria Doukhobor Choir, recognizing the need to strengthen the presence of the Westcoast Doukhobors while sharing their culture with the broader community, formed VIDCA, the Vancouver Island Doukhobor Community Association. A non-profit organization devoted to reaching out to others of Doukhobor extraction in order to build a strong cultural community, is a "little vision" inspired by the tireless efforts of the VIDCA board of directors and various volunteers within the choir who make possible the group's participation in community events on and around the island.

A close-knit family who celebrates the diverse talents and interests within our group, the choir has recently grown to include several new members of non-Doukhobor extraction. It is our belief that, by welcoming members of all cultures and faiths who express a sincere desire to spread the message of peace, our group will continue to promote global unity through the harmony of the human voice.

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